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Custom Fuel Transfer Tanks

Need a custom fuel tank? Call us today!

Over the years, Highway Products has built custom truck accessories of all kinds. Custom fuel transfer tanks are no exception. We know all too well that no two needs are the same, and though we build standard fuel transfer tanks of all kinds, they may not suit your specific needs. Call us today and let's get your build started.

HPI Benefits

The HPI difference is in the materials we use, the attention to all details and ultimately products we produce and proudly guarantee. Our promise is to take the best care of your product while we manufacture it, and continue to care for a lifetime after you receive it.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty against defects in manufacturing (failed welds, etc.). It also includes all locking mechanisms, hinges, gas shocks, weatherstripping and any other materials we use. Learn More

Military Grade Aluminum

Highway Products uses nothing but the best materials. Our products are hand crafted out of Military Grade aluminum. Why take it that far? The days of using nothing but the best ingredients are all but gone in this world. We refuse to sink to that level. That’s the HPI difference.

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Hand-Made in the USA

Hand crafted from beginning to end right here in the USA. Every square inch of our products are touched by human hands, every step of the way.

Product Features

All HPI products come standard with options and features that you would normally pay extra for. Please explore all of our standard and optional features and call us with any questions you may have!

  • 5052 Diamond Plate
    We build our Custom Fuel Transfer Tanks from diamond plate 5052 aluminum, the same material used by the military, aircraft manufactures and boat builders.
  • Gpi Fuel Pump
    GPI is the leading manufacturer of fuel transfer pumps. Our Custom Fuel Transfer Tanks can pump up to 15 gallons per minute through a 12' hose. An automatic shutoff nozzle protects you from overfilling.
  • Slosh Baffle System
    We eliminate the stress of the weight of your fuel shifting by inserting a proprietary baffle system that dramatically reduces sloshing.
  • Stainless Steel Hinges
    We use oversized stainless steel hinges and 1/4" stainless steel pins that are 302 spring-tempered.
  • 316 Marine Grade Aluminum
    Aluminum's strength-to-weight ratio is far superior to steel. Steel is twice the weight of aluminum and no matter what you do, steel will rust. All Highway Products, Inc. transfer tanks are made from 3/16" rust-free T6 6061 aluminum; the same material used by the military, aircraft manufactures and boat builders. This thick, lightweight material is the perfect solution for reducing the weight of your work truck.
  • Gas Assisted Shocks
    Nitrogen-driven gas shocks raise the lid of your Custom Fuel Transfer Tanks and keeps it open while you access your tools. The shocks are strategically placed so you can close the lid with one hand.
  • T Handle Locks
    Our ergonomically designed T-Handle locks are the most secure locking mechanism on the market.
  • Welded Rope Hooks
    We've welded rope hooks directly to our Fantom™ Fuel & Tool Boxes which adds extra contact points for securing your load.

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Hpi Black Diamond Plate

HPI Black Diamond Plate

Our signature HPI Black Diamond Plate finish combines that trendy satin look with just a little shine to hide scratches and keep that tough black look.

Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate

Tried and true. The all time classic finish. Rugged, durable and will last forever.


Leopard Finish

HPI's signature finish. Black powder coated diamond plate with hand shaved diamonds. If there's a better look on earth, we'd love to see it!

Hpi Black

HPI Black

Our signature HPI Black finish combines that trendy flat look with just a little shine to hide scratches and keep that tough black look.


Custom Colors

Custom colors? You bet we do that! Whether you need a color match, want something to stand out or blend in, we can cover it.

Interested in our Custom Fuel Transfer Tanks?

Our team of Product Specialists are on standby to answer any remaining questions you have about our Custom Fuel Transfer Tanks or to assist you in placing your order.

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