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Honeycomb™ Headache Rack

The world has never seen a tougher headache rack.

With your choice of 3 insert styles and 3 color combination options, the Honeycomb™ Headache Rack is made from heavy-gauge, military-grade aluminum. The 1/8-inch cab guard insert is punched with a honeycomb tool, and the side rails are tapered to match the contour of your pickup truck. The insert and side rails are fully adjustable, so you can match the headache rack with the contour and height of your cab. Our press machine forms waves in the headache rack insert that adds strength and give it a sophisticated look. This back rack has a 750-pound load capacity and will protect the rear cab window. The hexogonal honeycomb design deflects light coming into your cab without obstructing the outside view. Our Honeycomb™ truck cab protectors are available in sizes that fit all pickup trucks, and they come with HPI's lifetime warranty.

HPI Benefits

The HPI difference is in the materials we use, the attention to all details and ultimately products we produce and proudly guarantee. Our promise is to take the best care of your product while we manufacture it, and continue to care for a lifetime after you receive it.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty against defects in manufacturing (failed welds, etc.). It also includes all locking mechanisms, hinges, gas shocks, weatherstripping and any other materials we use. Learn More

Military Grade Aluminum

Highway Products uses nothing but the best materials. Our products are hand crafted out of Military Grade aluminum. Why take it that far? The days of using nothing but the best ingredients are all but gone in this world. We refuse to sink to that level. That’s the HPI difference.

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Hand-Made in the USA

Hand crafted from beginning to end right here in the USA. Every square inch of our products are touched by human hands, every step of the way.

This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Product Features

All HPI products come standard with options and features that you would normally pay extra for. Please explore all of our standard and optional features and call us with any questions you may have!

  • The open post and open wave center grill inserts are manufactured with an affixed, taller center area allowing clearance for your 3rd brake light camera.
  • Steel is twice the weight of aluminum and no matter what you do, steel will rust. This headache rack is made from 1/8" rust-free aluminum; the same material used by the military, aircraft manufactures and boat builders.
  • The feet extend an additional 23" to allow for a saddle-style truck tool box to be mounted on top of them.
  • The open wave and full wave center grill inserts are formed by our machines in a wave pattern that adds structural integrity and style to your Honeycomb™ headache rack.
  • The tapered design of HPI headache racks match the contour of your truck cab giving it that factory fit and finish feel.
  • The center grill inserts on HPI headache racks can be adjusted up and down. Adjust your grill all the way up for a sleeker fush look, or adjust it down and use the uprights as dog ears that can act as lumber stops.
  • Adding directional lights to the uprights of your headache rack adds extra visibility of your brake and reverse lights, increasing your view in dark conditions.
  • These 1/4" thick aluminum bed rails increase the height and carrying capacity of your truck. Endless tie-down locations give you unlimited cargo-securing options.
  • Mounts can be welded to the top or the side of your headache rack so you can add utility lights or emergency rotating lights.
  • Brackets can be purchasd so you can display "Oversized Load" signs, beacons, flags and lights.
  • Adding trays in-between the uprights is a perfect storage solution for storing items like jacks, chains or rope.

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