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Truck Service Bodies

Unrivaled durability and style. High-performance organization.

Standard service bodies include 6 weather-tight compartment boxes for secure, dry storage, stainless steel "T-Lock" handles, removable shelves, a fold-down tailgate, LED lights in the rear bumper and our HPI service body mounting kit. Our doors are overbuilt with door stiffeners; with us, you won't get a cheaply made, flimsy doors that eventually fail. Built-in rain gutters and weather stripping throughout keep your tools & materials dry. HPI service bodies are crafted with precision for hardworking professionals who deserve a truck that works as hard as they do.

HPI Standard Service Bodies are designed, engineered and built to fit late model, full-sized trucks. If you have a smaller sized truck, or a unique idea and would like to starting building out a custom quote, please give us a call.

Standard Service Body Features

  • Seamless appearance
  • Rainmaster™ style doors
  • Weather-tight boxes
  • Non-warping doors
  • Full-length piano-style hinges
  • Welded door stiffeners
  • Ergonomically designed T-handles
  • 3-point locking front & rear doors
  • Concealed fuel fill
  • Adjustable / Removable shelves

Rainmaster™ Doors Explained

HPI's trademark Rainmaster™ style doors are a smarter design. Developed in 1984, our doors are the most weather-tight box seal on the market today. The internal rain-gutter design surrounds the box opening and actually channels water away. Water would have to defy the laws of gravity and travel up and over the rain gutter to even make contact with the weather stripping, making Rainmaster™ style boxes the most reliable water proof enclosure - guaranteed to never leak.

A Smarter Door Design

HPI's non-warping doors start off with a one-piece 3D form backed with the structural integrity of a solid welded door stiffener. If that's not enough, you have additional insurance since your doors are mounted using a full-length piano-style hinge. They'll never warp or leak. We guarantee it.

Best Looks in the Game

You only get one chance to make a first impression on your clients. Specifically designed to enhance the look of your truck, Highway Products Service Bodies will never appear like an afterthought. Customizable finishes and unique styling will deliver confidence to your customers that you represent the best.

Peace of Mind Security

Behind the ergonomically designed T-Handles, the front and rear boxes are secured with 3-point locks. With oversized rods that extend inside the top and bottom face of your storage compartment, you can have the peace of mind in knowing your tools are safe from thieves.

Durable Construction

HPI's extra wide deck starts off with a fully welded deck frame construction. Our service body decks are 50" wide. This allows you to install a Truckslide™ and still have room for plywood or sheetrock. The Truckslide™ lets you pull contents outside of the bed, so you never have to crawl into your bed to reach items.

Optional Service Body Upgrades

Service Body Deck

Gooseneck and D-Ring Decks are not available for transverse bodies

Standard Deck

Diamond plate deck for increased traction

D-Ring Deck

Add 6 flush-mount swivel D-rings to the deck for heavy dutie tie-down options

Gooseneck + D-Ring Deck

18" square well with hinged door can be opened to access 7 pin plug and gooseneck ball

Topper Boxes with Optional Trays

Dual Lid Topper Box

The tapered lids provide low-entry access and increased visibility of contents. Constructed with a full-length piano-style hinge, nitrogen assisted shocks, and automotive-grade weather stripping, these boxes are the most weather-tight and easiest to use on the market.

Single Lid Topper Box

Headache Racks

These contoured headache racks protect your rear window from tools and materials. The outside frame is constructed with a one-piece extruded 6061 aluminum T4 channel and reinforced with tubing for additional strength.

Open Post Style

Grill w/ Lights

Full-Mesh Style

Optional Lumber Stops

Ladder / Lumber Racks

Ladder & Lumber Racks must be combined with a Headache Rack

Goal-Post Ladder Rack

Used in conjunction with a headache rack, these removable heady-duty ladder racks provide additional overhead storage space for ladders and other long materials.

HPI™ Lumber Rack

The best looking lumber rack on the market is also designed for heavy-duty functionality. To compliment the 2,000 lbs load rating, the build-in forklift accesibility makes side-loading quick and safe. The rear cross members can be removed if you need to haul something tall, and the front cross members double as adjustable wind deflectors designed to reduce harmonic resonance.

Center Hatch

Center hatches must be combined with topper boxes. The Domed Hatch adds 4" of vertical space

Constructed using a heavy duty hinge near the cab and nitrogen assisted shocks, this hatch easily props up for easy access to the contents of your bed. When closed, the locking T-handle and oversized security rods keep your equipment safe while the internal rain gutter with automotive-grade weather stripping channels water away from the deck.

Flat Hatch

Domed Hatch


Built for rugged work conditions

The Highway Products Trucklide™ XT-2000 keeps your tools and materials organized, saves you time and money every day, and drastically reduces stress on your body. Immediately add convenience and organization to your work truck by sliding your tools to you rather than awkward reaching, bending, and crawling. The combination of expert engineering and premium metal allows the XT-2000 to easily transport up to 2,000lbs and is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

See the XT-2000

Built for extreme commercial applications

The industrial strength Highway Products Truckslide™ XT-4000 is engineered to meet the needs of professionals who transport up to 4,000 lbs. Whether you are hauling roofing supplies, boulders, retaining wall blocks, bricks or bags of concrete, the Truckslide™ XT-4000 is the perfect solution. The four 10ga. galvanized steel rails with 16 sealed 2-inch wheel bearings provide ultimate strength and durability. The integrated plunger rods slam shut every 10 inches to safely secure heavy loads. Constructed 100% out of premium metal, the XT-4000 is the only truck bed slide on the market that won't fail, fall apart or crumble and is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

See the XT-4000

3 Stack Drawers

Available in both the front and rear compartment boxes, this optional feature boasts a 250 lb capacity per drawer. These heavy-duty full extension sliding drawers were engineered to endure rugged terrain and constant road vibrations without failure.

Vise Mount

Vise is not included with the mount

Available on either the passenger slide, driver side, or both, these vise mounts are positioned for increased functionality.

E-TRAC System

Single E-Trac System

E-Trac strips are positioned on the sidewalls of the cargo area, providing maximum versatility. Mount your ratchet or cam strap and other E-Trac compatible hardware and accessories.

Double E-Trac System

Backup Camera Mount

Backup camera is not included with the mount

Use your OEM reverse camera or an after-market camera and integrate with your HPI Service Body with a shroud to house and protect the camera.

Sensor Mounts

Maintain full functionality of your truck's factory safety features by integrating the OEM sensors.

Pull-Out Steps

Retractable steps located beneath compartmnet boxes fives a sturdy place to step-up on to gain a higher access point. These steps are spring loaded to quickly snap back under the box with a simple touch of your boot.

Diamond Plate Overlays

Further enhance the appearance of your HPI service body with overlays on the front and/or rear boxes. These diamond plate accents also add a layer of protection on the job site and on the highway from loose debris.

Front Diamond Plate Overlays

Rear Diamond Plate Overlays

Gooseneck Ball Plate

Used with the Gooseneck deck option. Gooseneck options should not be used with Topper Boxes

Heavy duty steel plate with gooseneck ball and safety rings enables your service truck to pull a gooseneck trailer.

Finish Options

Personalize your service body with Highway Products' many powder coat options. Select a finish for each that suits your style. Go with a more traditional commercial all-white look, match the painr of your vehicle, or really set your work truck apart by choosing contrasting colors. It's your choice.

Diamond Plate


HPI's signature finish. This exclusive, patented finish is a two-tone finish featuring diamond plate with the diamonds a different color. If there's a better look on earth, we'd love to see it!

Diamond Plate

HPI Black™ Diamond Plate

Our signature HPI Black™ Diamond Plate finish combines that trendy satin look with just a little shine to hide scratches and keep that tough black look.

Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate

Tried and true. The all time classic finish. Rugged, durable and will last forever.

Diamond Plate

White Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate

Smooth Black

Our signature smooth black finish combines that trendy flat look with just a little shine to hide scratches and keep that tough black look.

Diamond Plate

Smooth White

Diamond Plate

Smooth Aluminum

Popular on semi truck boxes, ranch set ups and accents. This is the ultimate, no maintenance, classic look.

Diamond Plate

Custom Color Paint Match

Custom colors? You bet we do that! Whether you need a color match, want something to stand out or blend in, we can cover it.

Interested in our Standard Service Bodies?

Our team of Product Specialists are on standby to answer any remaining questions you have about our Standard Service Bodies or to assist you in placing your order.