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Sunny California Days Ford F-650 Aluminum Flatbed

Posted by: Tyler Lake |

California is known for it’s sunny weather and sandy beaches. It’s not just a beautiful state, it’s a state of mind…it’s a way of life. For one Californian, it’s also about working smarter, not harder. Which is why they “decked” out this bright yellow 2015 Ford F-650 with a Highway Products Aluminum Flatbed, complete with LED lighted contoured cab guard and an underbody box for extra storage. This aluminum flatbed has incrementally spaced stake pockets that can be used for side rails or adjustable lumber racks as well as rope eye hooks all the way around to secure cargo.

Choosing the right flatbed for your pickup truck can be a tough decision. With todays gas prices more people are choosing aluminum over steel because aluminum flatbeds are 50% lighter than steel flatbeds. Reducing the weight of your flatbed truck increases fuel economy and allows you to carry more cargo. Aluminum is just as strong as steel and its strength to weight ratio far exceeds steel. Aluminum will never rust and no matter how much paint you put on steel, it will find a way to rust.