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The Fantom™ Fuel & Tool Truck Box Keeps the Job Site Productive

Posted by: Tyler Lake |

The Fantom™ Fuel & Tool Truck Box has the look and characteristics of a standard truck tool box, but includes a fuel tank and pump that can hold up to 90 gallons of fuel. The greatest feature this box holds is the proprietary design that keeps your fuel tank locked and hidden from the public. With the spare room to still haul all of your tools, equipment and other valuable items you need locked up, the fuel and tool box is the solution for any blue collar worker needing a days work of supplies at a time without needing to leave the job site.

Fantom Fuel & Tool Truck Box

When closed and not in use, vents in the design will allow the box to breathe and prevent fumes from becoming a hazard. This multi-purpose tool box keeps your fuel nozzle locked within and was engineered with internal baffles that keep your fuel slosh to a minimum while traveling. Available in sizes that will fit any pickup truck and nearly endless color and style combinations to match your preference, the Fantom™ Fuel & Tool Truck Tool Boxes also come customizable with options such as a saddle-style or flush mount to suit the needs of those hauling a 5th wheel. As with everything we sell here at Highway Products, these fuel and tool combo boxes come with our Lifetime Warranty.

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Since 1980, Highway Products has been manufacturing the highest quality aluminum products including truck toolboxes, flatbeds, service bodies and much more. From simple truck toolboxes to the most complex custom jobs, all products are engineered in-house, then welded and hand assembled by our team of professionals. Each product and process is handled with care and precision and stamped with a lifetime warranty, no questions asked.

2015 Dodge 3500 Flatbed with Fuel Transfer Tank

Posted by: Tyler Lake |

Choosing the right flatbed for your pickup truck can be a tough decision. With todays gas prices more people are choosing aluminum over steel because aluminum flatbeds are 50% lighter than steel flatbeds. Reducing the weight of your flatbed truck increases fuel economy and allows you to carry more cargo. Aluminum is just as strong as steel and its strength to weight ratio far exceeds steel. Aluminum will never rust and no matter how much paint you put on steel, it will find a way to rust. Our standard flatbed package comes with options that you would normally pay extra for. We offer over 20 additional options you can add along with custom flatbed creation, guaranteeing that you will get what you want. We have been building flatbeds for over 30 years and trusted by the government, fire departments, loggers, ranchers, and truckers.

This charcoal gray 2015 Dodge 3500 has a Highway Products aluminum Strongback™ flatbed in our Silverback style, with a contoured headboard, tire mount and a custom fuel transfer tank with tool box, and dual underbody boxes for additional storage.