Natural Systems Landscape Gets Leopard Style Pickup Pack™

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Here’s a sharp looking Ford F-150 pickup truck that really pops with a Leopard Style Pickup Pack™ from Highway Products.

Scott from Natural Systems Landscape (www.naturalsystemslandscape) has some pretty cool custom features added to this bad boy that really makes his job easier…saving him both time and frustration.

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The Standard Pickup Pack™ is a unique alternative for companies needing organized storage and lockup security without the cost of a service body. All in an attractive aluminum body that can be easily installed on your pickup in a few hours. This “service body” in a Pickup Pack™ includes a headache rack, two full length lockable low side boxes, a flat or dome center hatch, and a removable ladder rack. When closed, the hatch locks the tailgate, making the bed area secure and weather resistant. There is still an 8″-10″ space beneath the tool boxes for sheets of plywood or other cargo.

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2015 Dodge 3500 Flatbed with Fuel Transfer Tank

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Choosing the right flatbed for your pickup truck can be a tough decision. With todays gas prices more people are choosing aluminum over steel because aluminum flatbeds are 50% lighter than steel flatbeds. Reducing the weight of your flatbed truck increases fuel economy and allows you to carry more cargo. Aluminum is just as strong as steel and its strength to weight ratio far exceeds steel. Aluminum will never rust and no matter how much paint you put on steel, it will find a way to rust. Our standard flatbed package comes with options that you would normally pay extra for. We offer over 20 additional options you can add along with custom flatbed creation, guaranteeing that you will get what you want. We have been building flatbeds for over 30 years and trusted by the government, fire departments, loggers, ranchers, and truckers.

This charcoal gray 2015 Dodge 3500 has a Highway Products aluminum Strongback™ flatbed in our Silverback style, with a contoured headboard, tire mount and a custom fuel transfer tank with tool box, and dual underbody boxes for additional storage.

How to Put a Flatbed on a Pickup Truck

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Putting a flatbed on a pickup truck is not complicated. Possibly the hardest step in the procedure is setting the bed in place on the truck frame. Larger beds are set using a chain truss and hoist. Smaller beds can be set with the help of assistants to lift each corner and walk the bed into place. Whether your are installing a production bed that’s designed to fit your truck or a custom-made commercial flatbed, make sure to use new bed bolts, lock washers and nuts.

Things You’ll Need

  • Bed bolts and spacers
  • Miscellaneous hand tools
  • Gad pry bar
  • Socket and ratchet


  1. Move any electrical wires on the truck frame out of the way. Most wires are fastened using clips that pop off with a screwdriver or pliers. If your flatbed has taillight mounts and sidelights, make sure the wire leads to the lights are below the surface of the frame.
  2. Position the metal spacers or rubber cushion washers on the bed-bolt holes at the truck frame. Use a hoist to lower the flatbed onto the frame, or ask assistants to help position the bed on the frame. Align the bed-bolt holes as closely as possible with the holes in the frame.
  3. Insert the narrow end of a gad pry bar into one of the bed-bolt holes at the front of the flatbed. Use the bar to maneuver the bed-bolt hole directly over the hole in the truck frame. Insert a bed bolt through the bed and fully through the truck frame to hold this corner of the bed in place.
  4. Align the remaining bolt holes using the gad pry bar and insert a bed bolt in each hole as you go.
  5. Organize the lock washers and nuts in sets and place each set under the truck in proximity to the bed bolts. Put a lock washer and nut on each bolt and tighten the nuts clockwise with a socket and ratchet.


If you’re looking for information on how to install an aluminum flatbed on your pickup truck, be sure to watch this video on the Highway Products YouTube channel ( You can also find more information on the Highway Products website at